Transparent solar panels How do greenhouses benefit?

Plants need not only sunlight, but also optimal temperature and water for their growth. Therefore, like many other practices, the impact on the environment is often negative.

But this does not mean that there are no solutions. Precisely, transparent solar panels seek to reduce the carbon footprint of greenhouses.

Many times you need to lower the temperature and the panels are ideal for that because they reflect infrared radiation and prevent overheating in summer. Other times you have to increase the temperature and this is achieved by controlling the passage of wavelengths would be selective, researchers have calculated the amounts of energy according to different regions.

The studies demonstrated the viability of these projects, at the same time that they found a way to make this type of practice more sustainable.

Where else can transparent solar panels be installed?
Windows and facades

Transparent solar panels on windows were one of the first uses for it. They work as follows:

Photovoltaic glass captures solar radiation and absorbs it from conductors that are connected to the window frame, capable of extracting energy. This energy is then stored in a photovoltaic battery.

It is beneficial both for energy efficiency and for thermal insulation.

2. In cars and machines

They can be applied in all types of cars, also in the window. Its great benefit is in increasing the autonomy of a car, since it allows energy to be stored in the batteries.


Advantages of transparent solar panels


Thanks to the materials used in this type of panels, it allowed and discovered many new application options that were not possible before with conventional panels.

These new uses make panels increasingly common in our daily lives as a means of producing renewable energy.



Since solar panels are generally located outdoors, they need to be made of resistant materials. In this case, a material very similar to plastic was used, capable of concentrating the sun’s energy and resisting for many years.

Energy efficiency

A lot of research is currently being done to improve this area, but in any case, very good and surprising results were achieved with the first ones.

Positive impact on the planet

Like almost all alternative energies, transparent solar panels have a positive impact on the environment, that is, they are much less polluting than other energy sources.

What are you waiting for to place transparent solar panels and reduce your carbon footprint? For more information on solar energy, visit our blog.

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